Selfie with Kamei Samurai

September 6, 2022

Samurai is popular. But not just because they are one of the deadliest warriors in history but because they are a symbol of protection for restaurants!

Having samurai armor facing the entrance is said to deteriorate any negative invasion into the restaurant premise. And for any existing negative energies within the restaurant, the armor will drive them out. The idea of this comes from the Samurai armor’s iconic mask. 

Though the samurai do not wear the mask in actual combat since the warriors prefer better vision and breathing instead, the masks are worn just before the battle to intimidate their opponent. The presence of gorgeous armor with a fear-striking mask was very much effective in making their enemies imagine their deadly end.

Some may think extra protection for their face is more beneficial than having better vision and breathing but samurai combat is very much different from European knights. Knight armors are designed to deflect and protect the users while samurai are expected to dodge and push the enemy attack in a different direction. The concept of how their weapons and armor are designed are nothing alike. Knight armor is heavier while giving far better protection and samurai armor offers less protection but offers far better agility. For this, better visuals and breathing are ideal for the samurais.

Anyhow, let’s skip the history class. Our Kamei Samurai armor is located right at the end of the entrance hall facing directly toward the outside door. Come on and take a selfie with it! The armor is added to deflect any negative energy. It may help you too if you are experiencing bad luck.

To those who may wonder, this is a Heian-era Samurai armor with its iconic large shielded shoulder plate. It is the era when Samurai were most known for their honor and respect even toward their enemies.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful collection of samurai helmets and traditional Japanese decorations at the entrance. Though the size is smaller, the helmet is made by a real Japanese armorist.

Yes, this 1/4 scale armor is also made by a real samurai armorist. It’s very rare and one of a kind even in Japan. This particular item is well known to bring great fortune to children.

Don’t forget to post your selfie photo with the Kamei Samurai on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!! In Japan, people believed photos had a special energy. By spreading your selfie with the Kamei Samurai, you might be protected from negative energies!

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